Logos, Branding and Theme

It’s important to consider your podcast and its brand. Starting out with a strong brand will provide a solid foundation for the life of your podcast. You might not think of your podcast as a professional endeavor now, but you never know what the future will hold. Basic components for a podcast brand are:

Name / Title of your Show

Think of a name for your podcast before launch. Do searches on Google for the prospective name to see if anyone has the same or a similar name. It’s usually best to avoid similar show names.

Domain Name for your Show

Even if you have a service that provides a domain (example: mypodcast.blubrry.com), it’s always good to have a unique domain name for your show (example: mypodcast.com). This way, if the service you are using changes, your unique domain will maintain your established brand.

Show Image or Cover Art

Every podcast should have a 1400 x 1400 pixel JPG for cover art (the current Apple iTunes specification). Many directories, especially iTunes, will use this image to link to your show. Think about the image and how it relates to your content. Make sure it is not too busy and that it is simple to view at smaller resolutions such as a thumbnail image or on a smaller mobile screen. Consider a branding image that is unique; one that will stand out in directories. And if the old-style microphone logo pops into mind, you might want to think again.

IMPORTANT: Your iTunes image should be saved in jpeg (.jpg) format to optimize the file size for the 1400 x 1400 resolution. A detailed png format image at 1400 x 1400 will typically exceed 1/2 MB in size, which is known to cause issues with iTunes.

Web Site Design

Design or pick a website theme and incorporate your logo and colors. Though this sounds difficult, remember to keep it simple. Web site themes and other options are explained in detail in the Your Website section.