Blubrry Podcast Advertising

Media Creators can earn money on their shows through National Advertising deals offered by the Blubrry team.

Why work with us?

  • Offering Podcast Advertising Since 2005
  • Revenue Share 70% Podcaster / 30% Blubrry
  • CPM, Flat Rate, CPA & Hybrid Based Campaigns
  • No Lock in Podcaster can opt out of any offered deal!
  • Four Simple Steps to be Eligible!
  • Want to Advertise on a Podcast?

Are you Advertiser Ready?

Step 1

Watch the Video Below

Blubrry Podcast Advertising

The biggest question the team gets asked here is, “What does it take to get on an advertising deal?” It’s simple follow these four steps and your 75 percent of the way there.

After you have signed up and have your podcast listed on

Step 1: Watch the video below to better understand the process of creating advertising deals and the typical timeline.

Step 2: Use our free stats — this is a must. Your show will not qualify for an ad deal if you’re not using the free stats.

Step 3: Fill out the Advertising Survey. It’s quick, it’s easy and this gives us the info we need to plug your show into a campaign. If you do not fill out the advertising survey more than 50 percent of the deals we offer will not be available. Update the survey every quarter.

Step 4: Run an Audience Survey, this helps us close the loop on your audience demographics.  See the Example below see how fast it is to take our audience survey by taking the Blubrry PowerPress Podcast Audience survey.

Blubrry PowerPress and Community Podcast

Some Extra Great First Steps:

  • Make sure you monitor daily your Blubrry user email account for our mailings.
  • If you have had a sponsor before, create sample ad clips and make them available to download.
  • Make a compelling show promo 60-second spot and make it available to download.
  • Make sure your website is presentable to an advertiser. (Your own .com)
  • Work on your site branding.
  • Have fantastic album art.
  • Have an email contact on your home page.
  • Have a means to listen to your podcast on your home page.
  • Make sure your website can accept IAB standard banners.
  • Have an iTunes and RSS subscription feed on your home page.
  • Keep your shows as advertiser friendly as possible.

Every day more advertisers are entering the space, and there are always limited total dollars being spent. Keep your show in the running — have your show advertiser ready.

Here are some supporting articles for content creators hosting their media at the following sites. MevioPodbeanLibsynPodomaticBlog Talk Radio.


  • Only podcasts that are signed up as members of the Blubrry community or work with our partner networks are eligible for our ad deals.
  • We negotiate and present for your consideration one ad spot for your podcast.
  • You have the right to refuse any spot / campaign that you don’t want to run in your podcast.
  • We do not guarantee an ad deal for every podcast, but we certainly try hard to provide as many opportunities as possible.
  • Payments for ad deals are laid out in the official offer and are usually based on either a Cost Per Thousand (CPM) impressions or Cost Per Acquisition (CPA) basis.
  • For CPM ad deals you shall use our free stats.
  • Payment for ad deals typically takes 8-12 weeks from the end of the campaign month. This allows both sides to gather data, confirm final settlement, mail checks and resolve any disputes.
  • Requirements on campaigns will be laid out clearly via our Advertising Campaign Management System, which will be made available when you are invited to an advertising campaign