Get Featured on Blubrry!

Be conspicuous! Maximize your show’s prominence by being featured on the Blubrry home page. Blubrry, your media content resource, is placing its most outstanding shows front and center to be seen — and consumed — by the broader audience. In addition, your show will be available on set-top television units such as Boxee and Roku and on mobile devices such as iPhone, Android, etc.

We’re looking for precision. Our featured shows will have fresh, updated content, a catchy title and art work, a parental rating and notes that are spell checked and grammatically correct. That’s not so much to ask, is it? I mean, you’re doing that already and if you’re not, this is a great time to spit and polish your show. The specific requirements we’re looking for are listed in the link below so check them off as you go.

Be sure you closely read and agree to our terms and let us know you want your show featured. If any of this confuses you or you feel you need an exception give us a shout at You get the picture? Cool. Now get in the picture and on the Blubrry home page!

Get Featured on Blubrry Now!

Featured Requirements

  • Specific Program Information: You should have a title, description, web site URL and talent/artist name specified for your program.
  • Program Artwork: Your program should have a square 300 x 300 pixel (1,400 x 1,400 recommended) artwork image in either png or jpg format.
  • Fresh Content: You must have at least one episode released within the past 30 days.
  • Episodes: Minimum 7 episodes either in audio Mpeg3/AAC format (.mp3./m4a) or video H.264 format (.mp4/.m4v)
  • TV Parental Rating: Select the appropriate parental rating during the get featured process (e.g. PG, R, PG-13) Learn more about Parental Ratings.