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Get audience demographics and geographical data with the easiest new media statistics service available.

Features include...

  • Realistic totals including unique IP totals
  • World and U.S. Demographics
  • Over 100 devices and applications detected
  • Trending Reports
  • Daily or Weekly Email Reports
  • RawVoice Certified
  • And more!

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Blubrry Podcast Media Statistics

Blubrry brings you the most all-inclusive digital media podcast statistics service available. Gain unsurpassed insights into your audience: Find out who is linking to you, listener-base demographics and geographical data with worldwide mapping. Try us! You’ll find our custom reports and daily email summaries are info you can trust, track and build your business on.

Realistic Podcast Statistics

Blubrry Statistics is designed specifically for measuring media downloads. Unlike regular website statistics, we take into consideration the destination, resuming downloads, duplicate requests and network errors to filter out data that would otherwise inflate your statistics. We do all this work to provide you realistic and reliable podcast statistics.

What does a podcast “Download” mean?

One podcast download in Blubrry Statistics is equal to one individual consuming the media.

Unlike other podcast statistics systems, we analyze every hit and download request to arrive to a download number that equals the number of individuals who downloaded or streamed (played in a Web page) an episode. Using Web statistics will arrive to inflated totals, which will cause questionable fluctuations and numbers. We use unique Internet address information in our reporting so you can see the delta between the irrefutable unique total with the actual total that factors in multi-computer networks like those used for WiFi hot spots, corporate networks, universities, etc… Most importantly, we don’t count bots, Web crawler and machine downloads. Our numbers are all about knowing how many individuals consumed your content.

Readable Reports You Can Take With You

We’ve designed our reporting interface for everyone. We made the report navigation simple and clear, separate sections to minimize confusion. Each report comes with a print view that includes your website and feed URL in the header. Plus reports can be exported to an Adobe PDF with a click of the mouse.

Blubrry Stats: Client Graph

Valuable Data

We process a lot of data from each download request that allows us to break down your podcast statistics in a number of ways for both individual episodes or overall, and by month or all-time. We provide:

  • Realistic download totals
  • Distribution between podcatchers, phones, TV devices and Web browsers
  • Clients and applications (iTunes, Zune Marketplace, Firefox, etc.)
  • Platforms and operating systems (Windows, Mac, Linux, etc.)
  • Country demographics (U.S., Canada, etc.)
  • Traffic sources (website origin of downloads from Web browsers)
  • And more!

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Examples of what we provide

Get a picture of your distribution between Web browsers and mobile phone apps:

Statistics Distribution

See what platform or operating system your audience uses:

Statistics Platforms

Watch how your podcast trends from day to day:

Statistics Day to Day Trending

Or Month to month:

Statistics Trending Month to Month

See where in the world your listeners come from:

Statistics Global Data

Or narrow down your viewing audience to a specific part of the United States:

Statistics United States Data

With more than 200 detected platforms, clients and devices tied to daily measured metrics organized by location, Blubrry Podcast Statistics is the most powerful measurement resource for any podcast.