Moving from SoundCloud

If you are hosting on SoundCloud, you can move to Blubrry hosting in one of two ways.

To move your media to Blubrry from SoundCloud Podcasting, follow these steps:

  • Start your Blubrry hosting account at Blubrry Podcast Hosting.

  • Set up your show listing at Blubrry by signing in and using your OLD RSS feed from SoundCloud (if you are not already listed on

  • Leave your SoundCloud account active until you are done with the migration steps below (or longer if possible).

  • NEW!  Podcasters aiming to migrate their shows to Blubrry who have been using WordPress / PowerPress already and linking to the SoundCloud media file can do so in a simple, three-step process within PowerPress. Note this only works if all your media is linked in your WordPress blog. If not skip to the next section.
  1. Request migration through the PowerPerss migrations tools (once service is purchased), or through the podcaster dashboard interface.
  2. Wait for migration to complete
  3. Update the site with just one click

By design, the system migrates each file linearly; this is optimal for podcasters who are currently hosting their media on their website or with a service that cannot serve multiple files at a time. Depending on the source, the process could take a few minutes to a few hours. Once completed, the website and podcast can be updated to the new media URLs with one click.

OR if you are not using PowerPress

  • Navigate to and log in. Go to “Podcaster Dashboard.” Select your show on the top right side.

  • Select “Content” and click on “Migrate Media.” This process is automated but will take a day or two to complete. You will be notified when the media has been moved over. We will move your media and it will not count toward the monthly upload quota of your hosting plan.

  • You will need to update the media links on your own website. If you are using WordPress + PowerPress, we have provided a tool called “Find and Replace Media” that will allow you to quickly update all your media links. If you are not using PowerPress there is a great WordPress Plugin that is called “Search and Replace” that will help with the process.

  • We strongly suggest you backup your WordPress database before you change over the media links.

Unfortunately, SoundCloud no longer gives you a way to do a 301 redirect of your podcast feed away from their service. The best way to keep most of your subscribers is to do the following:

  • Ask iTunes to change the feed they look at to your new feed.  Also, do this with directories such as Stitcher and others. You can contact iTunes at iTunes Support.

  • 30 days before you stop uploading to SoundCloud, create two versions of your podcast episodes: one normal and one that will have an announcement at the beginning of the show that says, “If you are hearing this, I am moving the feed and the new feed is available at <your website address>. Please update your feed.” Make sure you have your RSS feed available on your website and/or in your post for each episode. Also, put the announcement at the end of the podcast episode.

  • Upload the “normal” episode to your Blubrry hosting account and publish.

  • Upload the “announcement version” to SoundCloud and publish.

  • After 30 days (or four episodes) make one more that says, “This feed has moved. Please continue to listen to the show, go to <web address here> and re-subscribe.”

  • Upload and publish to SoundCloud.

We suggest you leave your SoundCloud account active for at least 30 days to make sure your listeners get the change. If you are using the free version of SoundCloud, leave it for longer.