Blubrry PowerPress 7.0 beta 2 – New features!

Blubrry PwerPress 6.0 betaThank you for being here, beta tester! We’re eager to have you test our next release!

PowerPress 7.0 beta 2 released on Tuesday, April. 26, 2016

New PowerPress Features

Version 7.0 includes a number of new features and updates. New features include:

  • New Subscribe options
    • Subscribe on Google Play
    • Subscribe on Stitcher
  • Strict Category Podcasting – Select a specific category to each episode for statistics tracking and subscription links.
  • Category podcast only feeds – You can now mix blog posts with podcast episodes in your podast categories.
  • Blubrry Audio Player – Modern podcast audio player complete with subscribe and share tools. For Blubrry Hosting customers only.
  • Plus a number of improvements and bug fixes

A couple of features have been removed. Hopefully no one will miss these features.

  • Quicktime Embed option for m4a audio removed due to security concerns with Quicktime.
  • SWF embed support dropped. We do not believe anyone was using this option.


This is beta software and should be treated as such. Don’t forget to backup before your start!

Requirements and Download

PowerPress 7.0 requires WordPress version 3.6 or newer. WordPress 4.4+ is recommended.

Download Now

Note: PowerPress will be detected as version 6.3.3 within the WordPress plugin management pages. This is not an error, we cannot implement the official version number without the beta becoming a release. You should see the beta version at the bottom of the PowerPress settings pages to confirm that you have the beta version installed.

Bug Reporting

Please email (angelo [at] blubrry dot com) to report bugs. Attachments, screenshots and code changes are welcome. If you do screen capturing, please use a service such as Google Drive to upload and share the video.

Thank You!

Again, thank you for checking out the latest version of PowerPress!

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