Translate PowerPress (I18n)

Thank you for your interest to translate PowerPress in your language. Your efforts will help many content creators make the switch to PowerPress.

Introduction to translation, internationalization and localization (I18n)

Internationalization and localization (I18n) describe the effort to make WordPress and PowerPress available in languages other than English, for people from different locales who use different dialects and local preferences.

This page is dedicated to translating the PowerPress podcasting plugin for WordPress. To learn more about translation initiatives for WordPress itself, visit the Translating WordPress page.

Join the team of PowerPress Translators!

If you are interested in translating PowerPress in your language, please email powerpress [at] to join the translator team. If you do not see the translation listed or if the translation you want is not 100% completed, you may contribute to translating PowerPress!

PowerPress translations are managed on the official WordPress translate site. Translations can be managed with the simple interface on WordPress. The process itself is straightforward; a translator simply replaces the English version of the text with the version in their language.

As a Thank You for Translating PowerPress…

If you are translating PowerPress to a language other than English, as a thank you we will give you a free Blubrry Professional podcast statistics account for your podcast. We also encourage you to sign up for our affiliate program, which is an excellent opportunity to monetize your efforts.

In addition, we will include your name and web link to thank you for your contribution in both the plugin’s readme.txt as well as on the PowerPress listing on

How to get started translating PowerPress

  1. If you do not already have a account, please create an account.
  2. Contact us with the following information:
    • Name or nickname (we will give you credit for your contribution)
    • Website URL (optional, we will link to your website)
    • Your account name (e.g. @amandato)
    • Locale(s) (location specific translation) you will translate for (e.g. en_GB for English UK)
    • Your Blubrry account information (if you would like a free professional statistics account)

Please see the full list of locales on to determine which Locale(s) you want to translate for.

Please email the above information to powerpress [at] rawvoice dot com.

Translating on

You will not need a translation editor, you can do it all from the translate WordPress site. Start by signing into, then go to the PowerPress translate page.

We recommend focusing your efforts with the “stable” and “stable readme” locales first. In most cases, translating the stable versions will cover a majority of the translations. PowerPress major releases (e.g. 6.0) are limited to 1-2 per year. Major releases may include significant textual changes. Minor version releases (e.g. 6.1) typically incorporate new features into the current code base that typically incorporate a small number of translation changes. Common releases (e.g. 6.0.5) are maintenance and bug fix releases include only slight textual changes, if any.

Translating is straightforward. Select the “Details” link at the right of a translation row. Enter your new translation in the box provided. When done, click the “Suggest new translation” button.

Translations are currently moderated by a validator. This process simply confirms that the translation is not malicious and confirms with translation guidelines.

Each translation record may be highlighted with a specific color indicating status. Below is a brief explanation.

  •  Green background indicates an approved translation.
  •  Yellow background indicates a translation is pending approval.
  •  Orange background indicates a “fuzzy” translation to be reviewed for accuracy.
  •  Purple background indicates a translation that was obsoleted by a newer translation.
  •  Red bar to the left of a translation indicates validation warnings, such as mismatched HTML.

A detailed getting started guide (though outdated) is available here.

Current translations

Please visit the PowerPress translate page on to see the latest list of translations. Note, if you see a translation that is less than 50% complete, please contact us, we would welcome you as a new translator.