Translate PowerPress (I18n)

Thank you for your interest to translate PowerPress in your language. Your efforts will help many more content creators make the switch to PowerPress.

Translation, internationalization and localization (I18n)

Internationalization and localization (I18n) describe the effort to make WordPress and PowerPress available in languages other than English, for people from different locales who use different dialects and local preferences.

This page is dedicated to translating the PowerPress podcasting plugin for WordPress. To learn more about translation initiatives for WordPress itself, visit the Translating WordPress page.

Using existing translations / localizations

PowerPress includes a number of translations already. To see the latest list, please look at the plugins/powerpress/languages folder.

To enable a specific localization (language translation in your blog), please follow the instructions found under the section Using Localizations on

Making your own translation of PowerPress

Making a translation of PowerPress is easy. There are many ways to translate PowerPress, below are two popular methods.

Translate using poEdit desktop application

poEdit is a translation application available for Windows, MAC and Linux. Using poEdit to translate PowerPress is easy:

  1. Download and install poEdit
  2. Download the latest powerpress.po file
  3. Rename the powerpress.po file to powerpress-xx-XX.po (replace xx-XX with your language’s code)
  4. Open the powerpress-xx-XX.po file in poEdit and translate

Translate using CodeStyling Localization WordPress plugin

CodeStyling Localization is a translation plugin for WordPress. Using CodeStyling Localization to translate PowerPress is simple:

  1. Install and activate the CodeStyling Localization plugin
  2. Go to the Localization tab under the “Tools” section of your WordPress admin
  3. Scroll down and find Blubrry PowerPress.
  4. Select “Add New Language”, and in the pop-up box, select the language you wish to translate.
  5. For your newly added language, select ‘rescan’ and scan for the latest strings for translation
  6. For your newly added language, select ‘Edit’ and start translating

The final translation will be stored in your wp-content/plugins/powerpress/languages/ folder. Please send us the po file you created in this folder.

Submitting your translation

Send the translated file to powerpress [at] Include the following in your email:

  • Name or nickname (we will give you credit for translation in the readme.txt)
  • Website URL (optional, we will link to your website in the readme.txt)
  • Any notes about the translation, possible issues, etc…
  • What version of PowerPress you made the translation for (If you generated your own PO file)