Media Appearance

Media Appearance Settings

Check Enable PowerPress Media Players and Links (default) if you would like your selected player to show up with the links under it.
Check Disable PowerPress Media Players and Links to disable it, then your media file will only be available in your RSS feed unless you manually put a player or link in the post.

Blog Posts and Pages

Display Media & Links –

In this section, you can put your player and links above, below or disable them and put them in using the PowerPress short code. There is also a setting to put the Media Player and links in the WordPress Excerpts.

PowerPress Shortcode

The shortcode is used to position your media presentation (player and download links) where you want within your post or page content. Simply insert the following code on a new line in your content.

Please visit the PowerPress Shortcode page for additional options.

Note: When specifying a URL to media in the PowerPress shortcode, only the player is included. The Media Links will NOT be included since there is not enough meta information to display them.

Media Player – Select this to use the HTML player for mobile and tablets with a fallback to download the media.

Media Links – Allows you to setup the links that will show up under your player.

Display Play in New Window Link – Gives the option to play your content in a new window.

Display Download Link – Links directly to your media file.
Note: depending on browser settings, users may have to right click (or command click) to download file.

You can include file size and duration of the file if you wish.

Display Player Embed Link – This allows users to embed your media player in their websites

Having Issues? – Select “Yes” if your players do not show up even when turned on. This could be because of a theme. If your players are showing up, leave it at “No.”

If the above option fixes the player issues, you most likely have activated a conflicting theme or plugin. You can verify your theme is not causing the problem by testing your site using the default WordPress twentyeleven or twentytwelve theme. For plugins, disable them one by one until the player re-appears, which indicates the last plugin deactivated caused the conflict.

Media Format Settings

AAC Audio (.m4a) –  If you are using AAC audio instead of MP3 (not recommended) you can use the FlowPlayer classic or HTML5 player. If unchecked, it will play M4a audio as if it were a video player using quicktime embed. Video player height/width settings apply in that case.