Music for your podcast – Podsafe music

Podsafe music for your podcast is critical. Before you proceed, make sure you are using music that does not violate copyright.

podsafe-music-audio-for-your-podcastMusic in podcasts and copyright

Copyright violations are an area of concern for the podcaster. You cannot use the creative work of another person without their permission. You cannot use commercial music from artists such as the Beatles, Celine Dion, or Bruce Springsteen in your podcast. Music that you hear on your FM radio is almost always off limits for the average podcaster. This has lead to an explosion of interest in “Podsafe Music.” Below is a list of sites that offer various music and audio for producers to use in their podcasts.

Myths with copyright and podcasting

There is no 10 second rule on copyrighted music. You cannot simply use small portions of copyrighted music under fair use laws.

Not for profit or hobby based podcasts are not except from copyright laws. There is no non-profit exception to the copyright laws.

Giving attribution to the creator does not give you the right to redistribute their work. Attribution is common courtesy, which you should do AFTER you have the legal right to use the copyrighted material.

To learn more about Copyright and other legal issues facing podcasters check out the legal Issues section and 3 Copyright Myths That Will Sink Your Podcast.

Royalty free license-able music for podasting

Also referred to as podsafe music, royalty free license-able music is the legal solution for podcasts. Such music is licensed either for free or with a fee.

Sources for podsafe music

Free Music Archive – Extensive library of free high-quality, legal audio downloads directed by

Instant Music Now – Library of legal-use theme music.

Opuzz – Royalty free music library.

NEO Sounds – Royalty free music library.

Make your own music

Another way to avoid legal issues with music in your podcast is to make the music yourself or by a friend, colleague or freelance musician.

Podsafe music sources that are no longer available

  • Ioda Promonet – Shutdown
  • Podsafe Music Network – Shutdown
  • Podsafe audio – Shutdown
  • Ariel Publicity/Cyber PR – Shutdown
  • IndiePodcasting – Shutdown