Podcast feed validation

Feed Validator Valid RSSPodcast Feed Validation

We recommend validating your feed at www.castfeedvalidator.com.

Feed Validator errors

If you do not see the Valid RSS logo (pictured above), then you must take the necessary steps to fix the problem in your feed as soon as possible.

Visit podcast consultation services if you need one-on-one consultation to fix your feed errors.

Feed Validator notices

For the most part, notices are not an issue with feed validation.

RawVoice namespace notice

There is nothing to be concerned about if you receive the notice “Unable to validate namespace: http://www.rawvoice.com/rawvoiceRssModule/.” We are working with FeedValidator.org folks to recognize the RawVoice namespace, so this notice will go away.

iTunes notices

FeedValidator.org currently does not recognize the latest iTunes specifications, including the new closed captioning and order attributes. You can safely ignore these notices.