Professional Podcast Hosting

Unlimited storage, ideal for networks and commercial podcasts

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CDN – Storage

First-class content delivery network with more than 35 data centers worldwide with automated backups

Free and Smooth Migration

Migrate regardless of show size — use our automated file migration system


IAB Certified Compliant – Detailed, accurate statistics included

Designed for customers going the extra mile with their show, join the brands, companies and radio networks that are using Blubrry professional hosting. Your Blubrry representative and our technical support are here to help with whatever you need.


Starts at $100/month

  • Each accounts starts with one program:
  • 1 TB of storage overall
  • 1 TB of bandwidth monthly
  • Professional statistics, Advanced Statistics for an additional fee
  • $10 per additional program added to the account
  • $10 per 100 GB (that exceeds 1 TB of storage)
  • 1 cent per GB (that exceeds the 1 TB of bandwidth)

Volume discounts are available for high bandwidth usage and networks with a high number of shows. We’ll match a deal or create one based on your needs.

All programs in your professional hosting account provide regular podcast hosting features, including professional statistics and a Basic PowerPress Site if needed.

Ad Insertion

Simple Pre-Roll advertising insertion is included for free with all pro-hosting accounts. Fully self-managed and powerful. Full Advertising Insertion with Pre-Mid-Post is also available for $49 per pro-account with 10 cent file rebuilds. Learn more here.

Network Plugin

Our latest plugin makes it super simple to start a podcast network on your WordPress website. You’re able to add shows in your own account, as well as shows outside of the Blubrry platform. Learn more here.

Pro-Production Services

Your podcast is an asset and should be treated as such, which is why we provide podcast production offerings. Pro-Production is available exclusively for pro customers, providing launch, relaunch and auto-pilot packages for editing, producing, and more. Learn more here.

Private Internal Podcasting

Looking for the ability to provide a private podcast, perhaps to your work team? We’ve got that too, and it utilizes our professional hosting. Featuring both mobile and desktop apps for varying levels of security, PIP makes it easy to keep your episodes truly secure. Learn more here.

We encourage users looking for premium podcasting to use the memberships plugins detailed here. All of these WordPress membership plugins work with PowerPress.

The Triton Advertising Platform (TAP) fully integrates with Blubrry professional hosting through a private Blubrry WordPress plugin that works smoothly with PowerPress. Ask us how to access this plugin.

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Remain 100% in control of your brand with our hosting.



Need tech support for our service or would like to know more? Our U.S.-based sales and technical teams are always ready to help by phone or email. Reach us in the way most convenient to you:


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Sales: (877) 729-8642 ext. 2
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If a situation calls for it, call us or we’ll schedule a video conference.


Sales | Tech

For those that require further in-depth and personalized support.