Blubrry – Podcasting Philosophy

At Blubrry our podcasting philosophy is driven by a team largely made up of experienced content creators.

  1. Blubrry believes you should always be in control of your show.
  2. Blubrry believes you should produce your show on your own site.
  3. Blubrry believes you should own your RSS feed, as it is your most valuable asset.
  4. Blubrry believes we should provide you great tools and not interfere.
  5. Blubrry believes in providing you accurate statistics.
  6. Blubrry believes in fair revenue share on advertising deals.
  7. Blubrry believes podcasters own their content.
  8. Blubrry is a 100 percent American-owned company (built in America).

When you are shopping for podcasting services, apply this philosophy against our competition. We also encourage you to consider supporting the company that supports you.

About Blubrry Podcasting