Blubrry API

Welcome to the Blubrry API user guide and documentation.

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Media Hosting

The Media Hosting API will allow you to create third-party applications to manage and upload media files hosted on

You can develop applications to:

  • Get a list of hosted podcast programs.
  • Get a list of unpublished media files for podcast programs.
  • Delete media files from a specific podcast program.
  • Publish podcast media files.
  • Send podcast media URLs and remove specific unprocessed URLs from a publication queue.
  • Make podcast files available to the public.
  • Perform remote web-content authoring operations.

Podcast Statistics

The Podcast Statistics API will allow you to create third-party applications to access media-download statistics from Blubrry podcast statistics measure the number of users who have downloaded or played the episode. Blubrry removes inflammatory data such as:

  • Excessive and interrupted downloads
  • Web crawlers
  • Server bots.
  • Shared Networks
  • Matching or equivalent requests
  • Network errors

Social API

The Social API will allow you to create third-party applications to update your program listings and post them on various social media platforms. These social media platforms include:

  • Twitter
  • YouTube
  • Facebook

Plus more on the way!


Our APIs use the OAuth2 protocol to authenticate requests to its server. OAuth2 is a security framework that uses HTTP to grant applications to the user account. If you are unfamiliar with the OAuth2 protocol, please visit some of the links below.

API 1.0 (Deprecated)

API Version 1.0 is still active but it has been deprecated and is no longer supported. Please use the new API version 2.0 which is now strictly JSON and includes OAuth 2.0 for authentication.

Please refer to the API Concepts page for more information.