Blubrry Enterprise Services

Companies that produce podcasts need reliable and accurate tools for the content they release. Blubrry provides the tools you need for your podcast and the ones you want as well. We have the most effective enterprise podcast solution to power and measure your turn-key media network. Blubrry enterprise services go above and beyond for your network.

Power Your Media with Blubrry

Blubrry is the only media company in podcasting that offers a complete solution for all of your media needs. If you’re part of a company looking to start a podcast network, you’ve come to the right place.

Podcast Network Platform and CMS

Brand your podcast network platform with the help of a media portal designed for content publishers and network builders. Our platform caters to the need for a configurable, user-friendly and design-able platform, combining the power of digital media creation with social networking.

  • Host your own podcast directory – Create a community
  • Podcast distribution (iTunes, Apple TV, Android, etc.) – Cover all distribution types
  • Unlimited programs and episodes – Host as many programs as you’d like
  • Syndication (Multi-podcast feed management) – Control all of your feeds simultaneously
  • MyCast® podcast subscriptions – Subscribe to shows in one place
  • TV applications (Roku, Samsung Smart TV, GoogleTV, etc.) – Ensure people can find your programs

Professional Podcast Hosting

Blubrry provides media hosting without limitations. Our content delivery network provides unlimited bandwidth and storage. Hosting all of your media has never been easier, or more secure. Sign up for Professional Podcast Hosting here.

  • iTunes compliant media hosting – It wouldn’t be podcasting without iTunes
  • Unlimited bandwidth and storage – Don’t worry about reaching a limit
  • Integrates with WordPress – Not only does it work with WordPress, but the No. 1 plugin, PowerPress
  • Free media migration tools – Easily move your all of media from a different company

Enterprise Podcast Statistics

Be confident about your audience; you can rely on our statistics for the entire network, no matter the number of programs.

  • Partial and completed download statistics – Get the details about how many people listened
  • Streaming and application downloads – Find out how people listened
  • Reports by network, channel, program, episode and episode groupings – What category do people fit in?
  • 150 + detected applications (iTunes, Android, Chrome, Firefox, etc.) – Learn about the most popular applications
  • Geographical reporting (country, region and city) – Discover regions where your show is popular

Build your platform from scratch with all the services required all in the same place with Blubrry. Our platform is designed for you to create and brand your company and your podcast. By providing the tools and services to you, your companies are able to maintain their brand and independence, free from being locked into another company’s feed and restrictions on content.

Please contact us to start.

Build your Podcast Network on the Blubrry Enterprise Platform