Appendipity WordPress podcast themes for PowerPress

Appendipity LogoAppendipity features WordPress themes that are made specifically for podcasters. Choose from themes, designs, tools, and features to create a page that you can be proud of. You know that at Blubrry we’re all about creating your podcast with your own domain and having complete control over your work and .com. What Appendipity does works great with our vision and we are happy to have partnered with a company that focuses on the same ideals for its users.

Check out popular themes such as Maron Pro, Engine Pro, and Podcast Pro for getting the most out of your website and podcast. You can even purchase more than 1 theme.

These themes not only stand out in the crowd but also work seamlessly with PowerPress. Once again, this is a way for podcasters to market their podcast with their own brand. Blubrry and Appendipity work together for an effortless integration of services.

To take a look at what they offer, click here.