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Features include...

  • Vendor Verification
  • Media Buyer Certifications
  • RawVoice Certified Stamped Reports
  • Phone / Email 3rd Party Validation
  • Graphic for your Web Site
  • More to Come!

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Professional Media Stats

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RawVoice Certified

RawVoice Certified Stats provides content creators and media buyers detailed network delivery statistics, analytics and audience demographics, and it tracks how the media is engaged, providing near real-time reporting capability — all certified by RawVoice.

Third-party validation of your podcast statistics is critical when a network / show needs to verify the audience size and demographics. With eight years of data sets to build on and countless podcast advertising deals, we certify your data delivery numbers and put the “RawVoice Certified” stamp on your data reports.

RawVoice Certified Stats gives you and your media buyers detailed podcast delivery statistics that allow you to better target your audience and provide near real-time reporting, all certified by RawVoice. Clients such as ESPNMoody Radio, Quick and Dirty TipsLondon School of Economics , JOY 94.9 Melbourne and countless individual podcasters rely on us for their certified media measurement.

Contact: Network Managers / Media Buyers should contact RawVoice for bulk pricing, individual podcasters can get RawVoice Certified here today.