Using Blubrry Statistics With Squarespace Hosting

This will help you setup and use Blubrry Statistics with a Squarespace hosted Website and Podcast


Create new post, Add New Audio Block


Select podcast episode audio file (I use .mp3) and either drag ‘Add an audio Track’ … or click ‘Add an Audio Track’.  Navigate to your file and upload it.

2select file


ONCE UPLOAD IS COMPLETE – manually add the Title and Author / Artist. If you complete these fields first, the file upload removes your entries. Annoying. Must be a bug.

If you’re distributing via RSS, to iTunes for example, click the Podcasting Tab and fill out the requested fields.


Apply all your changes to the audio block (bottom right), then Save & Publish the Post. YES, you have publish without Blubrry metrics first, for all of a minute.



With your post / episode published, goto the the live page and right click or CTRL click on Mac.


The FIND your newly published audio file – on Mac this is Apple (Command) F – then I input .mp3 in search box – once found, highlight the entire URL with your .mp3 – it will probably start with …

Copy the highlighted URL, Go back to your Squarespace post, Edit the Audio Block, click the Embed Tab / External File option, paste the URL in the field, then EDIT the URL to add you Blubrry redirect code at the front of your Squarespace URL.

I also toggle the Audio File Mime Type popup to the .mp3 option.

Note that, for some reason, the Squarespace url had some garbage at the end, for example, the URL I copied / pasted from Source ended in:


But when I add the Blubrry code at the front, I also deleted this ending bit: /original/StoryGeo_Ep2_28Aug15_FINAL.mp3

So the resulting URL still ends in .mp3 but is shorter / cleaner.



Special thanks to  Ben Hess from for coming up with this workaround!

Also thanks to Jesse at for testing.