Using Blubrry Statistics With Squarespace Hosting

NOTE:  It has come to our attention that this method does not work anymore at Squarespace. We are working on a possible solution.  Check back here or contact to be notified if and when we do have a workaround. 

The instructions below will help your set up and use Blubrry Statistics with a Squarespace hosted website and podcast.

Blubrry Podcast Hosting also integrates with Squarespace so if you’re looking for professional podcast media hosting for your show consider our hosting services otherwise to setup stats follow the instructions.

Create a new post and add a new ‘Audio Block.’


Upload your podcast episode audio file (remember to always use mp3s.) You can either drag ‘Add an audio track’ or click ‘Add an Audio Track.’

2select file

Once the upload is complete manually add the Title and Author / Artist. If you complete these fields first, the file upload removes your entries.

If you’re distributing via RSS, to iTunes for example, click the Podcasting tab and fill out the requested fields.

Apply all your changes to the audio block (bottom right), then Save & Publish the Post. YES, you have to publish without Blubrry metrics first.


With your post / episode published, go to the the live page and right click or CTRL click on Mac.


Find your newly published podcast file.
Mac this is Apple (Command) F. Then input .mp3 in search box – once found, highlight the entire URL with your .mp3. It will probably start with

Copy the highlighted URL, go back to your Squarespace post.
Edit the Audio Block, click the Embed Tab / External File option and paste the URL in the field.
EDIT the URL by adding the Blubrry redirect code at the front of your Squarespace URL.

Toggle the Audio File Mime Type popup to the .mp3 option.

Note: Squarespace URLs have some unncessarry text at the end. For example:

After adding the Blubrry code to the front, delete the ending:

The resulting URL still ends in .mp3 but is shorter and cleaner.

Special thanks to Ben Hess from for coming up with this workaround!

Also thanks to Jesse at for testing.