Post to Social

What is Post to Social?

Post to Social for Twitter, YouTube and Facebook (others coming in the future) makes it easy to publish two-minute podcast episodes or episode teasers to your social media. By automatically publishing your episodes with P2S you’re giving listeners a short sample of your episode with an outro encouraging listeners to check out the full episode.

What’s Up With Only Two Minutes?

An example of a podcast teaser on Facebook.

Twitter will post the entire episode because it is using a Twitter audio card. YouTube and Facebook will use the first two minutes of your episode and include your pre-recorded outro, where you can recommend they listen to the full episode elsewhere, such as your website. It’s like you’re sharing a preview of your episode and are then able to direct audiences to the appropriate site to download or listen.

Studies show that YouTube and Facebook users are more likely to listen to a short audio segment versus a full audio segment, which is why we’ve created the podcast teasers with your outro.

Why Should You Use It?

Ease your podcast publishing routine and share your episodes to your social media accounts all at the same time. This is a great way to drive traffic to your website or whatever destination you want your listeners to visit. Current hosting users should link their social media accounts and get to publishing!

Who Can Use It?

Blubrry hosting users can use Post to Social. If you’re not hosting with us yet, sign up here to get the added benefit of Post to Social for your podcast.