Migrating from Seriously Simple Podcasting Plugin to PowerPress

There are two ways to migrate:
  1. Migrate the “podcast” post type to the regular “posts”
  2. Maintain the “podcast” post type created by SSP
The first option is way easier, you would be on your way pretty quickly.
1. Change Post Type Method
Don’t forget to backup database before you proceed.
Get a plugin such as the Post Type Switcher plugin: https://wordpress.org/plugins/post-type-switcher/
Use this to edit each SSP post. In the edit post screen use the Post Type Switcher field to change the post type to “post”. (repeat for each episode)
Then go into the regular posts area and edit each post (you should now have PowerPress enabled). It should at least show the episode in the episode box (you may need to check the box to modify it). The SSP plugin stored only the media url, where PowerPress also stores the file size and duration, so you will need to click the ‘Verify’ button in PowerPress to reset the extra meta data. (repeat for each episode)
2. Method: Instructions
Code snippet would be added to the themes’ functions.php to maintain the SSP podcast post type. More details coming soon.