Migrating from TGS Podcasting Plugin to PowerPress


In 2008, Podcasting plugin (now called TGS Podcasting plugin) started development at about the same time as PowerPress. Early on we communicated with Ronald Heft and collaborated on key ideas and features between our podcasting plugins. Specifically, Ronald came up with the method we use today for storing extra meta information with podcast episodes.  This forethought is included in PowerPress, which is why switching between PowerPress and TGS Podcasting plugins today is a seamless process.

Extremely simple way to migrate from TGS Podcasting plugin to PowerPress

  1. Install and enable PowerPress plugin
  2. Tweak settings in PowerPress (optional)
  3. Disable TGS Podcasting plugin

PowerPress will continue where the TGS Podcasting plugin left off by including your previously created episodes in your feeds and Web pages.

Note: If you are using category podcasting, you will need to recreate each category podcast setting in PowerPress before making the switch above. Episodes, because they are stored in the same way, will not be lost in the switch.

At this point you may want to go over the settings in PowerPress as well as configure the players.