Podcast Channels

The podcast channel feature in PowerPress allows you to add another podcast to your WordPress website. Example uses are:

Multiple formats

If you want to distribute both an mp3 and an ogg version of your podcast, use the default podcast channel for your mp3 media and create a custom channel for your ogg media; OR if you have a video podcast with multiple file formats, use the default podcast channel for the main media you want to appear on your blog (e.g. m4v). Create additional channels for the remaining formats (e.g. wmv, mov, mpeg).

Two versions of the same podcast

If you create two versions of your podcast, a 20 minute summary and a full 2-hour episode, use the default channel for your 20 minute summary episodes and create a new custom channel for your full-length episodes.

Multiple shows

If you do more than one podcast and want to run both (or more) podcasts from one WordPress blog.

Unique feed titles

You want to make sure each podcast feed title for each podcast channel is unique. iTunes does not accept feeds that have identical titles of shows already listed on itunes.

Submitting your new channel to iTunes and other directories as a separate podcast.

Configure Podcast Channels

Start by going to your PowerPress settings and selecting “Custom Podcast Channels” checkbox at the bottom of the page and hit save.

A new menu item will appear in your sidebar under PowerPress called “Podcast Channels.”


Once you click on podcast channels, it will allow you to add a channel. Fill in your information for your new channel and hit “add podcast channel.” ┬áThe Feed Slug setting will determine what your feed URL will be for the new channel. Example: http://example.com/feed/feed_slug_here/


To configure your new channel, hover your mouse over its name on the right and hit edit. In there you will find the same sort of tabs you will find in the normal PowerPress settings. Fill out all the tabs that apply.


Make sure you fill out the feed title and description of your new channel, which is found in the feed settings tab.


Video about Channels