Blubrry PowerPress 8.0 beta 5 – Subscribe Buttons, Deezer, iHeart, Pandora

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PowerPress 8.0 beta 5 released on October 4, 2019

New PowerPress Features

Version 8.0 includes a number of new features and updates. New features include:

  • New subscribe destinations
  • New Subscribe Button styling options
    • Buttons now use an SVG sprite, providing a small footprint while being optimized for high resolution and retina displays. Subscribe buttons have never been so crisp!
    • Internet Explorer support included. A special png sprite is included for IE.
    • New color scheme: Modern. Modern color scheme provides a white button with the logo in color. Classic buttons is still available.
    • Buttons can now have rounded corners. Squared off corners as before are available.
    • Subscribe Widget can now be configured horizontally for use in headers and footers.
    • Subscribe page shortcode can also use the new button styling by editing the styling in the website tab of PowerPress settings.
  • Option to remove !important and text-align: left styling to subscribe buttons and widgets
  • Plus a number of improvements and bug fixed

PowerPress Subscribe Buttons using Modern Styling.

PowerPress Subscribe Buttons using Classic Styling.

PowerPress Subscribe Sidebar widget options include new Squared/Rounded as well as Vertical/Horizontal options.

PowerPress Subscribe buttons using horizontal styling option


Release scheduled!

PowerPress 8.0 is scheduled to be released for October, 8, 2019.


This is beta software and should be treated as such. Don’t forget to backup before your start!

Requirements and Download

PowerPress 8.0 requires WordPress version 3.6 or newer. WordPress 5.2+ is recommended.

Note: PowerPress 8.0 may be the last version that supports PHP 5.2. Future versions will require PHP 5.6 or newer. PHP 7.2 or newer is recommended.

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