Advanced Options

Advanced settings – Available on all tabs

New! Import Podcast – Import podcast feed from SoundCloud, LibSyn, PodBean or other Podcast Service.  See: Import from SoundCloud , Import from LibSyn, Import from PodBean or Import from Any Podcast RSS Feed

New! Migrate Podcast – Migrate media files to Blubrry Podcast Media Hosting with only a few clicks.

New! Podcasting SEO – Some options for SEO Within podcast directories such as iTunes.

Audio Player Options – Select and configure your audio player.

Video Player Options – Select and configure your video player.

Podcast Channels – This is used if you want to have more then one podcast feed from your WordPress site. This allows you to have, for example, a video channel, an audio channel and a low bandwidth video channel all in the same post. RSS feeds can have only one media file per post. This creates other feeds depending format. You can also use this for more then one podcast series coming from one website. For more info click here

Category podcasting – This allows you to set up category based podcast feeds. For example, you have a category called ‘audio’ and when you make a post and put it in that category, that media file will go out on the podcast feed for that category. For more info click here

Meta Marks – Meta Marks is a feature included in PowerPress that provides content creators a means to distribute additional meta information with their media. Marks include audio, video, images, comments, advertisements and more. Each Meta Mark may include a value appropriate to that mark as well as a Web link (URL). Meta Marks are positioned by specifying the number of seconds when the mark should be used/displayed, along with a duration in seconds how long the mark should be used/displayed. Read more about it here:

Taxonomy Podcasting – Manage podcasting for specific taxonomies. (Add feature by clicking the box next to it in settings) For more info click here

Post Type Podcasting – Add podcasting to a Custom Post Type in WordPress. For more info click here

New! PowerPress Playlist Player – Create playlists for your podcasts. For more info click here