Podcast Feeds

Enhance Feeds

These feeds are settings that tell PowerPress to add podcasting support (or not). There are three choices:

Enhance All Feeds (recommended).

This setting adds podcasting support to all feeds.

Enhance Main Feed Only

Adds podcasting support to your main (WordPress-generated) feed only.

Do Not Enhance Feeds.

Feed settings below will only apply to your podcast feed.

Podcast Feeds

List of podcast only feeds managed by PowerPress.

Do not allow other plugins to modify podcast feeds

Check this option if you want to prevent other plugins from modifying your podcast feeds.

Feed Discovery (default off)

Include podcast feed links in HTML headers. Adds “feed discovery” links to your web site’s headers allowing web browsers and feed readers to auto-detect your podcast feeds.

RSS2 Image (default on)

Include RSS image in feeds. disable this option if you have a theme or plugin that already adds an image to your RSS feeds.

Emoji (default off) 🆕

Adds emoji support to podcast feeds. Emojis entered into blog post content will now appear within the content:encoded portion of your RSS podcast feeds. Content:encoded is displayed as the primary show notes when viewing episode notes in the iOS podcasts app by Apple as well as the Google Podcasts app for Android. It requires WordPress 4.2 or newer with database character set upgraded to the utf8mb4.

When this option is off, the default WordPress replaces emoji characters with images. Images are not displayed in show notes in most podcast applications. With this option on emoji characters are included unmodified within the content:encoded field.

Confirmed podcasting applications that support Emoji:

  • Apple iOS Podcasts app
  • Google Podcasts app for Android
  • Downcast
  • Overcast

Please see the Full Emoji List hosted on unicode.org for a full list of emoji characters available.

When editing your blog posts from a mobile device, the emoji characters are built into your mobile device’s keyboard. For Mac OSX press ⌘-control-space. For Windows 10, right click on the taskbar and then select the option “Show touch keyboard button.” A new icon will appear in the lower right corner of the taskbar near the date and time. Click the keyboard icon to open the onscreen keyboard to select emoji characters.

More information about emoji in WordPress is available on the WordPress Emoji page.

Feed Settings

Show the most recent ____ Episodes/posts per feed

If you leave this blank, it will use the default you have set in your WordPress settings / reading tab (normally 15). This will be the number of episodes in your feed that will show up in places such as iTunes and other directories. You should be able to safely post 50 or so. Any more than that, you run the risk of your feed becoming too large for directories to pull. 512k is normally the max size for feeds used in this way.

If you do wish to exceed 10 episodes per feed, we recommend enabling the “Feed Episode Maximizer”. This will allow you to put a larger episodes per feed-setting and keep your feed byte size below 512K.

iTunes item limit is 300.

Feed Episode Maximizer

Maximize the number of episodes while maintaining an optimal feed size. This option allows you to put a much larger number into the episodes/posts per feed setting while keeping the feed byte size down. Only the latest 10 episodes will have all of the blog post meta information. Eleven or more older episodes will be trimmed down to the bare essential tags required for iTunes.

Feed Language

Select a specific language for your podcast feed.


Specify your copyright information.

Basic Show Information


Specify where the show is produced.

Episode Frequency

Specify how often do you produce a show.

Donate Link

Syndicate a donate link with your podcast. Create your own croudfunding page with PayPal donate buttons, or link to a service such as Patreon. Learn more about the PowerPress Donate Link.

T.V. Settings

Parental Rating 

This parental rating is used to display your content on Blubrry applications available on Internet connected TV’s and set-top Boxes such as Roku. The TV Parental Rating applies to audio and video media. Be honest (just like the iTunes explicit tag); it will help you and your show maintain your integrity.