Creating your first Episode with PowerPress

Step 1: Create Your First Episode Media

Create your first episode media file and upload to your web site. (Please see your documentation how to upload media to your web hosting provider). We recommend keeping your first episode simple. Think of it as episode zero and use it to introduce your show and discuss the content you have planned.  Once you are done creating your first episode, upload to your web hosting account. When you are done, you should be able to access the media file with your web address, for example You will use this URL for the next step.

If you need help creating your media file, please see Podcasting Manual: Creating Podcast Media.

If you are signed up for Blubrry Hosting, click here for easier instructions how to upload and publish.

Step 2: Create a new Blog Post

Go into your WordPress admin area (wp-admin/) and navigate to posts and then Add New. Treat the blog post title as your podcast episode title. The body content of your blog post is also your podcast episode’s show notes. Take good care to enter a detailed description, both for web SEO and for searching in podcast directories like iTunes and Blubrry Podcast Directory.

If you need help with creating show notes, please see Podcasting Manual: Show Notes.


Scroll to the bottom of the page and find the “Podcast Episode” box. In the “Media URL” field, enter the URL you obtained in Step 1. Click the ‘Verify’ button next to the Media URL field to verify the URL is correct. Verifying will also set the file size and duration information for you.


Step 3: Publish your new Blog Post

Click ‘Publish’. You now have your first episode on your web site blog and your podcast only feed is now valid. You can find the podcast only feed in your PowerPress settings > feeds tab.

At this point you may submit your podcast feed to podcast directories including iTunes and the Blubrry Podcast Directory.